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Compare book Prices

Application that compares books price from online vendors

Type in the ISBN number  and get the list of all vendors selling that book online, with prices from lowest to highest. on clicking the buy button you will be redirected to the vendors website and could buy the book from there.

this app save a lot of time and money for the buyers, as this app does everything for you:
  1. Searches for the vendors who are selling the required book.
  2. Sorts the price from lowest to highest.
  3. Gives you the direct link to the billing page of vendors website.

Nandu - UI/UX Designer

Tweet Spirits

Application that Auto-Replies

Interactive Tweet Response

Bringing the capabilities and functionalities of Twitter to bear upon marketing and sales for client organizations or individuals was our IDEA. Tweet Spirits is a product that seeks to use tools like Twitter to create an engaging and interactive way of introducing or contacting customers. This can significantly increase brand awareness and reach, generate brand conversations while experiencing the excitement and the use of the latest technologies. Capturing tangible business goals including sales and marketing, web leads and enhanced traffic to client websites is the fundamental niche task of Tweet Spirits.

Providing a Twitter enabled communication agent that converts casual visitors to business leads was the main focus. The customized Twitter agent can also provide appropriate information to visitors and engage them in live Twitter chat, provide tips and advices. The other user-friendly functionalities include features like Unfollow Users and Send Direct Messages which enhance the experience and provide them with privacy options if they so require.

Learn more at TWEET SPIRITS

Nandu - UI/UX Designer

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