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Cloud computing development- With the use of innovative platforms

Cloud computing development, it is really a very time-consuming and pricey approach when you need to upgrade the traditional server and hardware of your business. So, most of the entrepreneurs are looking for the best alternative which is nothing but cloud computing.

Cloud computing development is one of the innovative technologies through which you can get access to network and reduce your expenditure considerably. At the same time, it increases the availability of storage and eliminates all the concerns due to extreme automation. SKG Infosolutions, as a prominent Cloud computing development agency, has made out the significant value of cloud platforms. Our consultants can help you in a range of ways

Cloud policy

We work as reliable consultants in areas that cover portfolio organization, ROI management, and transition preparation

Cloud app development

Our team back up the development, operation and control of apps on cloud, and data management.

Services on Cloud framework

Our evaluation services for infrastructure are important for implementing Cloud. We provide services for

Safety solutions

We offer various security services for authorization of your cloud system, identity control, and security checks We make use of different platforms for offering Cloud computing development

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Our team of AWS experts at SKG Infosolutions, a Solution Partner of Amazon Web Services, has designed and implemented hundreds of AWS environments for enterprise across industries. As a renowned AWS services providing company at New Rochelle in NYC, SKG has demonstrated the competences necessary to design, build, migrate and operate complex AWS environments at scale for enterprise clients.

Application Migration to AWS:

SKG Infosolutions, one of a handful of AWS partners, is well-known in the industry as a leader in enterprise-scale migrations to AWS. Our segregated approach to cloud adoption considers a holistic view of enterprise migration, emphasizing not only traditional migration capabilities, but also migration preparation including economic analysis, portfolio assessments, security and governance evaluation, and so on. Post-migration, we provide a portfolio of services that enable you to effectively manage your AWS environments as they continue to scale. We have years of experience determining what works best on AWS, what can port easily, what needs to be changed, and what migration approach is right for your requirements. So, hire dedicated AWS expert from SKG Infosolutions to migrate your application to AWS today.

Cloud Adoption for Financial Services Firms:

Cloud adoption in a financial services organization requires rigorous requirements. Compliance concerns, constant security threats, a rapidly evolving market, and several other factors require fast decision making. Our custom software development company has helped building and migrating applications for dozens huge financial services firms. Get started with the Cloud Adoption Program for Financial Services today.

Application Development on AWS:

SKG is an expert in mission-critical, enterprise-scale application development on AWS. We offer a complete range of architecture, delivery and application modernization blueprints and tools to help you develop more effectively on AWS. We are specialized in the cloud backend, data processing, and data analytics across multiple verticals. SKG leverage its best practices, methodologies, design patterns and code frameworks that it has developed through hundreds of successful cloud engagements to deliver high performance cloud-native applications quickly, with full support for optimized cloud models.
Microsoft Azure and its contribution to Cloud solutions

Being an expert in cloud-based solutions, we allow our clients to take advantages of Microsoft Azure. Our professionals at SKG Infosolutions are able to support you in executing all the services which allow management, development, and app hosting.
These online servers offer all the required services with no high investments on the installation of new servers and hardware. Cloud solutions that are based on Microsoft Windows Azure help you in accessing all the important information and programs from any place of this world. The servers of Microsoft are available all over the globe, and thus, with Internet system and computer, you can easily make use of significant business data in order to control your company anytime.
With the help of SQL Azure, our expert Azure development professionals create massive apps. We provide sophisticated development of corporate solutions by means of a number of languages, like C#, VB, and many more. In addition to that, the unique platform- Azure helps in moving application to Cloud storage. There is no need of altering the present code. Moreover, we also work in Azure website development using an array of tools. Lastly, it has to be stated that we have expertise in Azure WebJobs. With WebJobs, we can run any program constantly or in scheduled way.
In short, we can say that our Azure engineers and consultants have vital skills or proficiencies to build, migrate, deploy and run apps over the Cloud infrastructure.

Cloud system based on Virtual Machine

Under our cloud computing development business, we also offer Virtual Machine solution that controls vSphere and presents the maximum amount of responsiveness and accessibility for any app. With the consolidation of tradition servers by using VMware technology, our cloud computing development team has significantly lessened its touch in data center.

Microsoft Active Directory

We also take the aid from Microsoft Active Directory to offer cloud solutions to our clients.While this directory is chosen and launched, this is designed as an accessible domain manager, linked to VPC. These controllers of domain work in various zones of availability. Host recovery, snapshots, app updates and replication of data are configured in an automatic way. As soon as we create a directory for you, it is ready to use to control groups and users.
So, get in touch with our affordable cloud computing development services intended for all clients.
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Mycity social is an online marketing site mainly involve in e-mail marketing, sms marketing and social media marketing. Mycity social is for those people who are not always able to afford the cost but needed marketing the most.
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Kliqprint provides all type of printing like flyers, banners, banners, brochures and many more, in very affordable price.
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Shapco produces highest-quality print communications, reliably and consistency. They successfully are doing their business in United States since last 40 years.
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Nicholas Christo
CEO, Mycity Social
Amazing work in less time
It was a pleasure working with Skg and the team. Working with Skg was beneficial for us. They grasped the requirement more quickly. They worked excellent for my city-social. I am amazed with their service and communication. They were always online and ready to give support whenever I required. I would hire them again! Highly recommended!
Worked by talented developers
Their designing and developing team is outstanding, they worked very professionally. Their way of representation is best. I didn't have a single issue on the process and am completely satisfied as they met the deadline. The team is motivated and loves to do something new. Would hire again!
Paresh Patel
Vice President, Shapco Printing.
Their designers worked excellent
Their team designed a very good website for us. Design team of Skg is punctual and creative,. They didn't ask many questions and designed what we actually were looking for. And they provide quality work all the time. Communication was also good and they are always online. I found someone whenever I required.
Hypemarketing (AUS)
.Net website and Xamarin.Forms mobile app enhancement
Great team effort and expertise with .Net and Xamarin.Forms that helped getting this complex project completed successfully. Would definitely hire again! Thanks SKG